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Yoga for Sport

Yoga for Sport classes are available for sport clubs, the yoga will be designed to support the body in the activity and to promote injury prevention. Anyone expecting an hour of relaxation should look elsewhere....

Some feedback below from North Down Hockey Club
I had been contacted to do some pre-season training for the club. The club then took on board the yoga I had taught as a regular practice and they included yoga in their training sessions and post-match stretches. I think this testimonial is a fantastic example of the benefits of a regular yoga practice.

"In terms of the benefits of the yoga I would say the following:

Something different to keep Pre-season fresh
Dramatic reduction in muscle injuries throughout the season
Already do a lot of the stretches - just learned to do it properly
Easily integrated into post match stretching
Enjoyed by the players
Challenging workouts
Specific stretches for players problem areas

A few injuries throughout the year but all broken bones (mainly fingers) rather than muscle injuries which we had none of for the first time in years."

Regular classes, in association with Newcastle AC are held in Shimna IC on Thursdays from Autumn to Spring only. Here is some feedback from the last block of classes.

"How wonderful can I make all that pain sound?? Here we go:
Lisa's Yoga classes were the best I have ever been to (and there have been a few). With such an experienced instructor at the helm she is quick to assist and give tips to individuals when needed. I've always come away feeling that I've given my entire body a good stretch, and a enjoyable relaxation at the end."
GK runner

"As a runner who never "stretched enough" I felt the benefit of your classes within a few weeks. Each week you varied the routine to keep it interesting and took heed of anyones injuries. The breathing exercises were very beneficial for running uphill".
Victoria, trail runner

"Attending the yoga classes helped increase my spinal flexibility and core strength. Because yoga also exercises ligament and tendons it help to reduce joint pain for me. I found the yoga classes a great benefit to me as a runner."
Ann George, Murlough AC

"I have been to a quite a few classes now and find many benefits to your class Lisa. It feels it's like a big hug for my muscles with all the stretching , as I run quite a lot of miles it is very welcoming and loosens the legs up. The other benefit is learning to control breathing and practicing relaxation techniques, something I've never been good at, what good sleeps I'm beginning to have.. love your class Lisa , and you're very funny too :-))"
Donna McCusker, Murlough AC

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