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One-to-One Yoga

Yoga is traditionally an experience designed for the individual. With one-to-one sessions I can tailor the yoga to suit your needs. The yoga experience will last for 45 minutes, during this time we will explore your ability and identify weaknesses. I use my experience to guide you through to an improved yoga practice. Goals are also set by the individual.

I've been teaching yoga on a one-to-one basis since 2007 and I've really enjoyed the challenge of building my knowledge through working with individuals. Through my recent study of anatomy and asana, I am able to continuously improve the 1-2-1 experience by developing and improving my understanding of the body and movement. Every session is different and it's great to have met so many people, from all walks of life and all abilities, who are interested in investing in their health through an individual yoga programme.

No previous yoga experience is necessary, sessions are priced at £20. Payment by credit/debit card is available. Contact Lisa for more information.

"I have had several 1 to 1 sessions with Lisa over a period of time. Each time it has been to address different challenges within my body. To work with Lisa in this way is an absolute joy, she listens carefully and she identifies the parts of the body to work with to improve not only my yoga posture but flexibility and strength. These sessions are also very very enjoyable and I would thoroughly recommend them to anyone."

"I have recently had hip replacement surgery and the work Lisa and I did in preparation for this made a huge difference to my recovery. She prepared me both mentally and physically and enabled me to undergo surgery and get back on my feet very quickly. I cannot thank her enough.

"I always feel so calm after a one to one session with Lisa. As well as the guidance to achieve the correct posture I can be taken that little bit further to reach beyond my goals. (Also try doing the tree and giggling from your wicked sense of humour!)
Then the relaxation, bliss."
Gavin McNeill, Murlough AC

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